• Maggie Meahl

The Benefits of January

*Originally posted January 9th 2019*

Romanticized image of a 19th century New England Farm. By Currier and Ives. Image used by The Travellers Insurance Company, 1954.

January, for me, has always been a month to celebrate and not to dread. It is named for Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and endings. Yes the holidays are over but as a self-described creative person, it is a time for projects, expression, growth, and self-care–activities you couldn’t do in December if you are a mom. If you are an “active” mother (and by active, I mean your children are ages 0-21 and still living with you) hopefully you know what I mean. January can also be a time when women experience depression. If you find yourself sluggish, sleepy, and aimless get yourself out the door and into the fresh air. Really. Consider investing in a light box and using it in the AM. Finally, take a break from the daily evening wine ritual. Glamorized in the media and on T.V. shows, wine (or any cocktail) seems tame enough but it can be a mind-duller especially as we age. There is really no upside to daily alcohol consumption, especially for women. Yes, we get short-changed on the fun things on life. Don’t get me wrong, I love wine and will drink it every night when I’m in Paris in late February but I know damn well it dulls my mind by ruining a good nights’ sleep. Which can lead to mild depression.

Strawberry hooked-rug “brick” doorstop.

During January, I will procrastinate on my writing projects but I will diligently watch Netflix and work on this small craft project while sitting on my expanding bum: A hooked strawberry doorstop. I will drink my favorite Bengle Spice tea (tastes sweet but no sugar) and I will make sure I got my 10,000 steps in that day, even if it means taking a walk in the dark (with a flashlight). What are you doing this January to be productive?

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