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Field Trip: Northshore Home Magazine Event at Turner Hill

*Originally Posted April 4th 2019*

Last night I attended my first event having to do with my nascent writing “career.” The event was in conjunction with Boston Design Week and entitled: Marketplace Trends: What the Homeowner Wants. There was an interesting panel of leaders in the housing industry including Kathy Marshall of Kathy Marshall Design and Matthew Cunningham of Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC. They spoke for about 45-mins about trends in the housing market.

My main goal was to meet, in person, the editor who has helped me launch my freelance writing business. The elegant soiree was held at the historical Turner Hill CC in Ipswich. It was designed and built for Anne Proctor Rice in 1900 by architect Williams Gibbons Rantoul. I am fond of this former grand estate because I did my first garden article on her brother’s, Thomas E. Proctor, former garden architectural remnants discovered/dug up by my friend who lives in Topsfield (Spring 2018 Northshore Home). The craftsmanship in the interior of this old house was incredible and very European.

I consider myself a pretty good networker, however, last nigh I was not able to “work” this crowd of North Shore home design experts and real estate celebrities very well and left a bit early. Everyone knew each other and came in tight groups (which I did not). Although I did not get to meet my editor in person I did meet the publisher which was good. Not sure he’ll remember me–I hope I made a good impression. Ran into a few local friends from Hamilton and Wenham including the always friendly and stylish Marlene Pippins who is an advertising manager for the Northshore magazine group. Also saw Don Lake who is the proprietor of a new kitchen technology: a modern indoor root cellar or “refrigerated pantry.” Both terms work for me. So New England! Here is picture of their ad:

I also ran into the stylish and fun Cedalia Schwartz who is an excellent PR person for the Lyon-Waugh Auto Group. I met Andrew Spindler of Spindler Antiques in Essex. to stop by there soon and check out his unique and timeless antiques.

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