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Upcoming Presentation: The Samuel Huntington Homestead Museum

Updated: 5 days ago

I am happy and honored to be speaking at the Samuel Huntington Homestead Museum on Saturday, August 3rd at 1P.M.: 36 Huntington Road, Scotland, CT, 06264 The topic of discussion will be on Margaret and her life--including what became of her children.

There are so many angles and topics to examine her life through. My main idea is that she STAYED in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, after her husband Simon Huntington died, instead of taking her children back to England.

A puritan immigrant and widow, she married a man named Thomas Stoughton in Roxbury/Dorchester in 1634/35. I will be discussing his background as well.

Researchers still do not know much about Simon Huntington I (?-1633) her first husband and the father of her children. There still are no verified birth or baptismal records for him--as far as I know. I do have one new primary source, with his name listed, from 1628.

My presentation is filled with images, roughtly 45-mins long, with discussion afterward. I also hope to have an interesting handout or two!


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