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I’m Going to Paris. Soon.

*Originally Posted January 26th 2019*

I’m ramping up my game for a Paris vacation in February. Thus, I pledge to: practice my mediocre French using the Babbel app? Check. Book a day trip to Champagne region? Check. Get a dog sitter for my aged black lab? Check. Pull together some smart outfits? Check…..well, sort of.

Smartly dressed women at the bus stop. Stalker or admirer?

Color coordination done right. Just another summer day for this shopkeeper on the rue de Passy.

Once again I am challenged with packing for a trip abroad. What will I pack? Here is the list: Decent winter jacket/coat, black riding boots, hip walking shoes, socks, underwear, no exercise clothes, jammies, 3-4 tops, travel outfit (jeans, blazer, and blunnies), tights, skirt or dress, 2 cardigan-type sweaters, sm. umbrella, 2 scarves, belt, a few pieces of costume jewelry. I won’t go into my makeup and hair accoutrements, however, I will bring some CVS fiber gummies (I’ll explain later), Melatonin, and Advil for sure. Roll or fold? Roll. What do you pack when you go to Europe?

My rolled clothes in a beat up Tumi suitcase.

I will have access to a washer and dryer, however, I am reluctant to use them for two reasons–I might break the machines due to my ineptitude and, more importantly, French washing machines beat the hell out of clothes. Put a new white tee shirt in? It might come out gray.

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